The World Of Online Streaming Media Formats
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The World Of Online Streaming Media Formats

Some of the most popular files formats that are available for media files these days can be read online without having to wait to download a large file. There are numerous online streaming media formats to choose from on various different websites. These include online streaming media formats for audio files and videos that can be viewed online. All of these formats will be better for certain types of computers and connections though.

The first type of online streaming media formats is that of the Windows Media format. Established by Microsoft, this format is generally capable of being read by Microsoft Media Player programs. Windows Media Audio is the top format that is used for audio programs, while Windows Media Video can be used for streaming video formats.

Apple’s QuickTime format is another of the top online streaming media formats. Files that can be read on QuickTime can be easily streamed online. This includes both video and audio files. An ActiveX control will be needed for a website or other online service to be able to play the file for streaming. It does take a bit to load a typical file under this format though, but there will be no interruptions in stream under the QuickTime format, and the data will not be saved onto the hard drive as a standalone file unless the user requests it to be saved.

The MPEG file format, or Moving Picture Experts Group format, is one of the most notable online streaming media formats for video files. There are three different formats in the MPEG system. MPEG-1 is a standard compression format for video files, while MPEG-2 can be used for ATSC, ISDB and digital satellite and cable transmission. MPEG-4 is the best quality format and it is used to support three dimensional content and low bitrate levels.

It should be noted that when downloading streaming media in one of the online streaming media formats in the MPEG system it will take longer to load a file based on the level of quality. MPEG-4 formats take longer to download. In addition, depending on the kilobyte bandwidth the size of the file will be different. 64Kb files will be smaller and therefore of less quality than 256Kb files.

Real Media files are also popular among online streaming media formats. This can be easily read through a Real Media Player. 64Kb and 256Kb files are available in this format with the 256Kb format being better in quality.

Of course, MP3 files can be streamed online. This is especially popular among websites that use higher levels of information. The bitrate of the file will make a difference in the quality of the sounds and the speed of the download. The number of kilobits per second is commonly used in streaming MP3 formats. For instance, a 56kbps file will be best for a 56K modem. A 128kbps file will be better for DSL connections but it will be a larger file to download for streaming.

The speed of the online connection will make an impact on the online streaming media formats that are used on the computer. MPEG-4 files and 128kbps audio files will be better for faster connections. The main reason for this is that the files will be of better quality because of the more complex encoding that is used in these files. Of course, with the more complex encoding more data will be needed for the compression of the streaming media.

That is a look at the many online streaming media formats. These formats can be used for video and audio files. Of course, some of them will have more data to download and will have different quality levels, so it is best to consider the speed of the Internet connection when looking into the online media format that will be read. With all of these online streaming media formats, it is good to know that there are different formats for different types of computers to use.

The World’s Top Reference Software Programs

Why should a computer have a good reference software program? It is because a professional reference program will be more credible than something that can be found on a typical website. This is especially true because many leading authorities work to compile reference software that is up to date and accurate. Here is a look at some of the top reference software programs. Some of these work as simple dictionaries or encyclopedias, but others can work for other services like travel or taxes.

Microsoft’s Encarta series of virtual encyclopedias has been seen as one of the top reference software programs of all time. It is updated every year, and it even allows for free updates for certain users. This program can be easily integrated with other programs in the Microsoft Office series, including Word and PowerPoint. Web search assistance for more information on topics in the encyclopedia is also featured through Encarta.

Some of the top reference software programs includes dictionaries that can help with not only the English language but also various other foreign languages. While English language dictionaries from groups as Random House and Oxford are available there are foreign language programs that can help educate people on how to speak different languages. Rosetta Stone’s foreign language programs are among the top reference software programs in that thirty different languages are covered. These languages range from common ones like Spanish and French to languages like Hebrew and Welsh.

Some of the top reference software programs work to educate people on computer processes. Learn2, which is located at, has all sorts of programs that teach users about how to use certain computer processes. This includes using Microsoft Office programs, Lotus spreadsheet programs and even basic computer use lessons.

There are programs that are popular for travel planning too. Unlike a typical atlas, one of these programs can give detailed instructions on how to get from one point to another with information on all sorts of hotels, restaurants and other attractions on the way. Microsoft Streets and Trips is the most popular program in this category. Not only does this include updated information but it also allows for free online updates regarding construction and GPS compatibility.

The last of the types of top reference software programs involves that of tax preparation software. Every year the federal tax code will change and several new things will appear in the code. To keep up with all of these changes it is important that the right reference software programs be used for this. In fact, the best ones will help a user to find out new information that can help to get the person to save money on taxes or to get a greater return.

TurboTax and TaxCut are clearly the most popular tax reference programs available. These programs work to help educate people on tax law changes and can help them with filing their taxes without having to go to a local tax specialist. This can definitely help get a person to save money.

Those are some of the top reference software programs to choose from. Not only do these top reference software programs help to provide education through standard dictionary and encyclopedia services but they can also help to educate people on foreign languages. Those who do not know how to use a computer can be helped through tutorial software, and even trip and tax planning can be handled. These types of reference programs are ones that all computer users should consider having.

What Computer Hardware Magazines Are Out There

Because there are many different kinds of computer hardware and products in the industry it makes sense that there are various different computer hardware magazines to choose from also. These computer hardware magazines can be used by computer users to get good ideas of what computers are going to be better for one to use. These magazines include ones that can be used for information on hardware that can be used for business or for fun. Apple computer hardware is also covered in magazines tailored for Apple users too. Here is a look at some of the many computer hardware magazines that are on the market right now.

For those who are new to the world of computers First Glimpse is one of the best computer hardware magazines to use. This features information on not only the best types of computers to use but also other forms of electronics that are used in society today. This is great for those who are looking to learn more about computer hardware and how it works for a particular computer.

People who are interested in computer hardware for business purposes should know that there are also computer hardware magazines that cater to their needs. InfoWorld, for instance, is a magazine that works with information technology hardware. This includes data and news on products in the IT industry.

EWeek is another of the computer hardware magazines for those who are looking for computer hardware for business. This magazine is famous for its lab tests of software and hardware that is used for enterprise purposes. It also covers products in the IT industry.

There are also computer hardware magazines that work with computers for entertainment purposes. Maximum PC is one of the country’s top computer hardware magazines. Known for its interest in entertainment services from computers and its sense of humor, this works especially with hardware that can be used for entertainment programs on the computer. This includes information on how to make top performing computers and how to make computers that perform very well without having to spend lots of money. Inspections of various different types of computer hardware are also featured.

PC Gamer is another big name product in the world of computer hardware magazines. While this magazine does more to cover computer games as a whole computer gaming hardware and other pieces of hardware for entertainment purposes can be found in this magazine too. This includes video cards, monitors and audio systems that will work great for computers. These technology products can be used not only for games but also for entertainment products and for home theater systems based out of a computer.

There are also computer hardware magazines that are for Apple users. Macworld is the most widely produced and famous of these magazines. This includes information on hardware that can be used with Apple computers and comparisons of various different Apple products and hardware that can be used in the line of computers. Information on tuning up an Apple computer for maximum hardware performance is also included.

MacAddict is also for those who use Apple computers. This features information on hardware that is included in new Apple products and on upgrades that can be used with Apple computers. Details of other products in the Apple universe and even software demos of new programs that can be used on Apple computers are also featured here. Full video previews of the hardware featured here is included in video discs that come with issues of MacAddict.

Those are some of the many computer hardware magazines on the market. Whether it be for a first time user, one who is interested in information technology hardware, a person who wants to improve the entertainment quality of the computer or even an Apple user there’s a magazine for everyone. These magazines can be found at a typical bookstore that sells magazines or at a computer product store.

What Computer Printer Characteristics Should Be Considered

A typical computer should have a printer on hand. There are all sorts of computer printer characteristics to look into first. The type of printer that is used is one of the characteristics to consider. This includes the printing quality and the speed of the printing. Multiple services, including scanning and faxing, can take place from a printer too. Here is a look into these computer printer characteristics.

The type of the printer is one of the computer printer characteristics to follow. The dot matrix printer is still used in some places. This is where pixels are printed to form a single image. However, more advanced technologies are being used. For instance, the toner based printer uses static electricity to move the toner into the paper for printing and then heat is applied to keep it on the paper.

The inkjet printer is the most common printer on the market today. This is where small bits of ink are printed onto a piece of paper. Each bit of ink will be attached via a small electric charge.

Laser printers are becoming popular too. These can work with toner in that the LEDs in the printer can get the toner to stick to the paper. Inkless printers are currently in development as well. Dye crystals are used to be heated into the area between the two layers of the paper. This is a process in development though, as the print has been known to fade quickly in trial tests.

The first of the computer printer characteristics to consider is that of the quality of the printing. The quality that a printer will be capable of handling will be measured by its dpi, or dots per inch. The dpi readout will be based on the ability of the printer to be able to print high quality images. For instance, a typical printer on the market will have a dpi readout of 600×600. This means that there will be 600 dots per inch on both the vertical and horizontal parts of the page. 4800×1200 is becoming a standard on some of the higher end printers these days, and some will even go as high as 9600×2400 in quality.

The speed of the printer is another of the computer printer characteristics that is important. The number of pages per minute that it will be able to print measures the speed. This speed will be different based on whether or not black and white pages or color pages are going to be printed. Some printers can handle up to thirty black and white pages in a minute and eight color pages in a minute, for instance.

The multiple features on a printer are the last of the computer printer characteristics to look into. Some printers are able to handle scanning or fax technologies. Some will also be able to copy pages right from the printer without a connection to anything. CD and DVD label printing is also featured on some of these newer printers.

Those are the computer printer characteristics to think about when buying a new printer. The type of printer, its quality output and the speed of the printer are all important. Additional services may be considered too. By using these considerations, it will be easier to find a printer that is right for one’s specific needs.